Thirteen years of experience in CNC Machines

Three Cuts Company started with one goal; to become the best in the field of CNC machines in Egypt and the Middle East. Within 20 years, Three Cuts has established itself as a reputable Egyptian company among the different industrial sectors, in Egypt and the Arab World. We’ve proved our worth by providing the best CNC machines in the market, with the highest quality and specifications anyone can ask for. Our services expand everywhere as we import and export various CNC machines.

Three Cuts has a team of professional managers, as well as engineers, who do their best to provide consumers with top-notch services. We aim to facilitate the user’s experience, covering all their needs when it comes to CNC machines. Whether it’s buying the right machine, knowing how to use it, or maintaining its quality, we offer all the needed services to our clients. Three Cuts will accompany you after buying the CNC machine, as we sell diverse spare parts that match different machinery.

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    Our Specialty
    The company has proven its worth in the CNC Machine market, providing the best machines in terms of specifications and quality.

    Advanced Technology

    Three Cuts provides high-end CNC Machines with the finest quality and specifications.


    Delivery On Time

    Three Cuts cares for their client’s satisfaction, delivering the needed CNC Machines as fast as possible.


    Experienced Engineers

    Three Cuts provides maintenance and training services through an integrated team of engineers, specialized in the field of CNC machines.


    Customer Support

    Three Cuts offers customer support where you can talk to one of our representatives and inquire about CNC Machines offered by the company.

    Some of our Products

    Pioneers in building trust between the company and its customers.

    CNC Machines Quality Services & Solutions

    Three Cuts provides clients with all the services they need related to CNC Machines. Our professional engineers help in both the training and maintenance processes, as well as offering spare parts to your machine.

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    International 70%
    Customer Satisfaction 90%
    Utilization Rate 60%

    We work with small and big CNC machines businesses

    Three Cuts offers various types of CNC machines to meet consumers’ needs and requirements. Our CNC machinery is of the best quality, facilitating the production process of your business.

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