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We started at Three Cuts with one goal: to become the best in the field of CNC machines in Egypt and the entire Middle East. During 20 years, Tree Cuts has established itself as a reputable Egyptian company among the various industrial sectors in Egypt and the Arab world. We have also proven our worth by providing the best CNC machines in the market; The highest quality, with specifications to suit everyone’s needs. We are now expanding our services everywhere, importing and exporting various CNC machines.

At Three Cuts, we have provided you with an outstanding team of managers and engineers who do their best to provide our clients with first-class quality services. We always aim to make the experience easier for the user, and we work to cover all his needs when it comes to CNC machines. Whether it is about buying the right device for his business or knowing how to use it and maintain its quality, we provide all the necessary services for that. Three Cuts will accompany you after your purchase, as we provide you with various spare parts to suit different machines.


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The company has proven its value in the CNC machine market by providing the best machines in terms of quality and specifications.


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Three Cuts provides high-quality CNC machines with the best specifications.



Delivery on time

Customer satisfaction comes at the top of our concerns, so we provide the required CNC machines as soon as possible.


Engineers Experts

Three Cuts provides maintenance and training services through a distinguished team of engineers specialized in the field of CNC machines.


Technical support

Three Cuts offers technical support for customers, where you can talk to one of our representatives to inquire about CNC machines provided by the company.

High-quality services and solutions

Three Cuts provides customers with all the services they may need in connection with CNC machines. For example, our professional engineers assist with all training and maintenance. We also provide spare parts for your machine.

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We work with projects large and small

Three Cuts offers various types of CNC machines to meet the needs and requirements of customers. Our CNC machines are of the best quality; Which facilitates your production operations.

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