Operating your CNC machine will be a hassle-free experience with Three Cuts! We offer our clients various training opportunities to inform them how to run their machine and manage its configurations efficiently. Our professional engineers teach users the specifications, settings, and options of different CNC machines, providing them with all the needed information related to the machine. Three Cuts fully-fledged courses will make operating CNC machines an uncomplicated procedure with no troubles.

Autodesk ArtCam Course:

  • A general introduction on designing and manufacturing on the CAD/CAM software
  • An introduction on Autodesk ArtCam 2018 and the difference between it and other versions
  • Explaining ArtCam 2018 interface:

How to create and deal with diverse models

How to import vector files to ArtCam

How to use 2D designing tools to create vector files

How to copy, paste, duplicate and edit on the ArtCam

How to type texts on ArtCam

How to import different relief files to ArtCam

How to insert Arabic texts on different programs

How to convert images to vector files, using Bitmap Handle

How to deal with layering in programs and the importance of the tool


  • How to use diverse engraving options on 2D Toolpath:


Area clearance

V –Bit Carving

Smart engraving

Drilling tool path


  • How to use diverse engraving options on 3D Toolpath:

Machine relief tool path

Feature machining tool path

Z Level roughing tool path

3D cut out


  • How to copy, paste, duplicate and edit on the 3D Toolpath
  • How to use various tools on different engraving programs
  • How to save G-code files in a format compatible with your CNC Machine


CorelDraw Course:

  • Explaining CorelDraw interface and how to use its tools
  • How to draw and colour using the program
  • How to type and edit texts on the program and convert them to vector files
  • How to deal with Arabic texts
  • How to convert images into vector files
  • How to use and add diverse effects
Course Benefits:
  • Knowing all the latest practices of the CorelDraw
  • Learning how to use all the program’s options
  • Dealing with imagery and texts in a simple and easy way
  • Direct interaction with the trainer
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Three Cuts covers all the needs of their clients, leaving them fully informed with all the guides of their CNC machine. Operate with different tools, programs, and software, choosing the most suitable options for your industry.

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