Fiber Laser 150X300 full caver

Fiber Laser Machine is effective cutting equipment, with high speed, accuracy, and a high power source, achieving top-quality results. Using this cutting-edge technology, the machine engraves on materials at a higher speed without reducing the quality of the work. Also, the scope length of the machine can be adjusted according to the specifications of the client. The machine has power between 4000 and 12000 Watt and bears a bigger weight.


Benefits of Fiber Laser 150X300 full caver:
  • Massive Productions
  • Laser accuracy and stability
  • Very high engraving speed
  • Doesn’t need regular maintenance
  • User-friendly operating system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy saving
Different Applications:
  • Printing serial numbers
  • Bar codes
  • Batch numbers
  • Machine parts
  • Metal Tools
  • Watches
  • Electronic components
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Working Size 1500*3000
Motion vector x,y,z


Helical Rack and Pinion Drive

linear guide, rail-block 30mm HIWIN

Machine Speed – Free Movement 100000mm/min
Power 1000W- 3000W
Cutting Head RayTools
Motion motors Servo
Reduction System   Reduce planetary
Lubrication System Automatic  
Protection System (Shneider Electric French)  Temperature – Electricity – Motion – Mechanical – Vase  
Electricity 220 Or 380 V  
Operating System Cypcut Fiber laser control & wireless hand control  
Weight 3000 KG
Additions and appendices Chiller
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Conditions & Maintenance

General Conditions:

Delivery: At Three Cuts Stores.

Warranty: One Year from the date of the final delivery.

Training: The machine operator will be trained by specialized engineers.

  • Technical support by phone
  • Monthly maintenance to conduct a technical report for the machine
  • Emergency maintenance within less than 24 hours (response speed)
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