Laser machine1610

Fiber laser Machine has intelligent software control with professional cutting software that provides strong cutting capacailites and sleek finishing results. This machine guarantees high efficiency, the highest level of cost-effectiveness, and safer work environments. Fiber Laser Machine 1610 has a small space with a smaller workspace and production, yet full protection and easy operation.


Benefits of a Laser machine1610:
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Great marking quality
  • Free of maintenance
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Durable cabinet design
  • More affordable than any laser machine in the market
  • High Precision
  • Top-quality laser beam
Laser machine1610 can be used in the following fields:
  • Publicity and Advertisement
  • Decor Industry
Different Applications:
  1. Melting metals
  2. Creating engravings on the surface structure
  3. Marking series number, mark data, and bar code
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  Model 1610 new model
  Laser head Single or multiple (optional)
  Power Supply / Tube power 150w (80 / 100 / 150 / 180 / 300 w optional)
  Working area (mm) 1600x1000mm
  Engraving speed 0-30000 mm/min
  Laser tube RECI or RAYCUT or EFR glass tube
  Transmission Winnertek guide rail and belts with steel inside (Tiwana)
  Worktable type Knife blade / honeycomb
  Resolution ratio 0.025 mm
  Re-positioning accuracy +/- 0.05mm
  Working temperature 5-45℃
  Gross power <1500w, 220v, 50/60hz
   Machine dimension 1900*1300*1100 mm
  Accessory Water chiller 5000 or 5200, air pump, exhaust blower
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Conditions & Maintenance

General Conditions:

Delivery: At Three Cuts Stores.

Warranty: One Year from the date of the final delivery.

Training: The machine operator will be trained by specialized engineers.

  • Technical support by phone
  • Monthly maintenance to conduct a technical report for the machine
  • Emergency maintenance within less than 24 hours (response speed)
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