Fiber LaserMarker 20

Laser Marking Machine, also known as fiber laser engraving machine, is a machine that operates by producing a laser to make permanent marks on different surfaces. The term laser is an abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which is a light wave with a single wavelength that operates at 1070NM.



Once the beam interacts with any surface, it changes its shape and properties, creating permanent traceability marks. The beam targets a certain area, resulting in high-quality, precise, and durable marks that are easy to read. The fiber laser contains a fine fiber core that results in high power density in the fiber, resulting in “inversion of the number of particles” of working substances. Fiber Laser Marking Machine is compatible with steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless.

Benefits of a Laser Marking Machine:
  • High operational efficiency
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • High productivity with compact structure
  • Less waste and high processing speed
  • Fewer faults
  • Long lifetime (up to 100,000 hours)
  • Energy saving
  • Low power consumption
Laser marking can be used in the following fields:
  • Ferforge & wrought iron
  • Forging
  • Metal constructions
  • Metal Furniture
  • Publicity and advertisement
  • General Contracting
  • Feeding and supplement industries
Different Applications:
  1. Logos
  2. Words and dates
  3. Series Number
  4. Batch Number
  5. Drawings and signs
  6. QR Codes
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Model FL20
Type Fiber laser
Power Output 20W
Power Source IPG or Raycus or max
Standard Marking Area 110mm x 110mm
Marking Speed ≤9000mm/s
Wave Length 1064±10nm
Frequency of pulse 20KHZ~100KHZ
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Cooling System Air cooling
Control Card and Software Latest Version Ezcad
Content can mark All English Characters, all Numbers, Variety of Graphics, Logos, Special Symbols, Barcodes, 2D codes, Serial Numbers, Time & Date, etc.
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Conditions & Maintenance

General Conditions:

Delivery: At Three Cuts Stores.

Warranty: One Year from the date of the final delivery.

Training: The machine operator will be trained by specialized engineers.

  • Technical support by phone
  • Monthly maintenance to conduct a technical report for the machine
  • Emergency maintenance within less than 24 hours (response speed)
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