Plasma Machine 1325

Plasma Machines are widely used in cutting and marking thin metal sheets, round, and square metal pipes, with effective cutting characteristics, speed, and cutting quality. This machine works with plasma arc gases, including argon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and more. Plasma Machine is compatible with steel, stainless, aluminum, and copper.


Benefits of a Plasma Machine:
  • Auto height adjustment
  • High speed
  • Stability and work efficiency
  • High precision
  • Ability to cut all conductive materials (More Versatility)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cuts
  • Affordable prices
  • Smooth results
Plasma Cutting and Marking can be used in the following fields:
  • Ferforge & wrought iron
  • Forging
  • Metal constructions
  • Metal Furniture
  • Publicity and advertisement
  • General Contracting
  • Feeding and supplement industries
Different Applications:
  1. Melting metals
  2. Creating engravings on the surface structure
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Model 1325
Working area) X, Y ) 1300x2500mm
Plasma Power supply LGK or Hypertherm
Motors type stepper motor – AC Servo – Easy Servo
Transmission linear guide rail 20 and Helical rack (Taiwan)
Control system Starfire 2300
Working voltage 380v 3 phase, 50/60hz
weight 1600 KG
Accessory nozzle, electrode Designs libarary


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Conditions & Maintenance

General Conditions:

The machine needs a compressor of 500 liters to work with the plasma during cutting.

Delivery: At Three Cuts Stores.

Warranty: One Year from the date of the final delivery.

Training: The machine operator will be trained by specialized engineers.

  • Technical support by phone
  • Monthly maintenance to conduct a technical report for the machine
  • Emergency maintenance within less than 24 hours (response speed)
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