Router 2040

CNC Machine is an effective replacement for the usual hand-held router with high speed, boosting production capabilities. CNC Router 2040 is compatible with an extensive range of materials, including metal, stone, plastics, glass, plastics, and more.


Router Machine is a cutting machine with tool paths controlled using computer numerical control to cut various types of materials, including glass, wood, aluminum, steel, marble, and more. It is also used to engrave on surfaces, producing complex shapes with sleek results. There are different types of Router Machines such as Glass Router, Stone Router, Wood Router, and more.

  1. Glass Router: The machine uses coolants on a constant basis to help cool down the friction of the drills with the glass, eliminating the chance of breaking the glass. Working with such fragile materials requires certain types of mechanical parts.
  2. Stone Routers have a specific type of “bits or “inserts” that encompass a sharp metal bar covered with brittle, harsh particles. These particles ensure that the router’s work is done right, cutting sleek and smooth pieces of stones. Most CNC Stone Routers include a recirculation pump that splashes water, removing the fine dust produced from cutting stones.
  3. Wood Router: This machine uses the Cartesian coordinate system to produce permanent carvings on wood. The machine integrates a CAD/CAM program to cut automatically without manual aid.
Benefits of Router Machines:
  • High accuracy
  • Drills stability
  • Production growth
  • Distortion-free
  • Highly compatible with various software
Routers can be used in the following fields:
  • 3D cutting
  • Decorations
  • Signboards
  • Door carvings


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