Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Fiber Laser Welding Machine is a highly effective type of CNC Machines that creates a strong weld between different materials. It is a type of laser welding with the ability to penetrate into multiple layers much faster and more powerful than traditional welding.


Fiber Laser Welding Machine operates by producing a high-intensity laser beam directed towards the workpiece to form an extremely-strong weld. Due to the high efficiency and speed, it is predicted that the use of Fiber Laser Welding Machine will increase by 20%-30% year after year until replacing traditional welding.

Types of lasers used in welding:
  • Gas lasers (CO2 laser, a mixture of helium and nitrogen, and more)
  • Solid-state lasers
  • Diode lasers
Benefits of Fiber Laser Welding Machine:
  • Massive productions
  • Laser accuracy and stability
  • High precision
  • Non-contact process
  • High speed
  • Low heat input
  • 10 times faster than traditional welding
Fiber Laser Welding Machine can be used in the following fields:
  • Kitchen industry
  • Auto parts industry
  • Electric parts
  • Solar power industry
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