Welding YAG

YAG Laser Welding enables transmission using optical fibers and mirrors, being a typical form of solid-state laser welding. YAG stands for yttrium, aluminum, and garnet. This welding type provides high precision in metal welding with a high energy absorption rate to the base material. The YAG laser welding has a short wavelength of 1/10 that of the CO2 laser.


Compared to the aluminum countertop, marble material is smoother and more wearable and reduces the literal scratch. Table and frame separation design are more scalable, the table surface with the same height of the platform can increase its work area, welding big letters with great facility.

Crystal Bar –the core components of laser welding machine.

The specifications and quality of the laser crystal bar directly affect the strength and stability of the laser.

JY300w using Dongjun laser (Laser crystal leading enterprises).

7×145mm large-quality crystal rod, more durable and stable.

Ceramic Cavity – the core components of laser welding machine.

Thickness & heavy withstand voltage, spotless. Small internal warp, high refraction, with a higher photoelectric conversion rate.

Accurate and precise, able to weld complex fonts and logo.

No weld bumps on the weld surface, without sanding and polishing.

It can be easily mastered for a short time, saving labor costs.

Benefits of Welding YAG Machine:
  • Massive Productions
  • Laser accuracy and stability
  • High precision
  • Non-contact process
  • High speed and flexibility
  • Suitable for an extensive range of materials and thicknesses
  • Low heat input
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